Buccaneers reportedly paid $500,000 buyout for Schiano

  • NFL.com
  • Published: Feb. 27, 2012 at 07:40 a.m.

The Tampa Times reported over the weekend that the Buccaneers paid new coach Greg Schiano's $500,000 buyout to Rutgers University, according to ProFootballTalk.com.

Rutgers spokesperson E.J. Miranda confirmed the payment to the newspaper in an email.

The Bucs hired Schiano, who spent the last 11 seasons as Rutgers' head football coach, to replace Raheem Morris after the team finished 4-12 in 2011.
Schiano's contraxct with Rutgers called for him to pay the school a $500,000 buyout if he left before the contract expired on Dec. 31, 2016.