Telstra first to deploy new IP gateway to boost capacity

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews| 28-02-2012
Australian telco Telstra will be the first network operator in the world to deploy the latest Ericsson SSR node running the EPG application, to support its wireless core network.
According to Reuters, the SSR 8020 is a new ultra-high capacity and highly scalable product from Ericsson that is capable of performing many different functions related to the handling of IP packet data in carrier networks. The EPG application is a specific application of the SSR which supports 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks and their rapidly growing demand for mobile broadband services.
"In Australia, mobile traffic throughput is doubling every 12 months. To manage traffic growth and to enable us to offer our subscribers an unparalleled diversity of applications, as well as greater choice in devices, our network needs to be smarter. The deployment of the Evolved Packet Gateway on SSR 8020 introduces the network intelligence to effectively manage growth, whilst maintaining quality service to our customers," Telstra Executive Director for Networks & Access Technology, Mike Wright, explained.
"In order to provide our subscribers with the best mobile experience possible, our mobile networks will need to deliver a range of applications with high quality, providing capacity for high-bandwidth applications such as Internet TV and video, while at the same time protect low-bandwidth activities and low latency applications from being crowded out," Wright continued.
The EPG on SSR 8020 is a pivotal component of Ericsson's 4th Generation IP portfolio. It enables network operators to meet increasingly complex requirements that demand scalability, smartness and simplicity of next-generation networks. Triple Access Core capabilities enable the SSR to service data demand from 2G, 3G and 4G networks simultaneously on the same core network nodes.
"We are pleased to play a continuing role as Telstra's strategic partner to bring world leading technology to Australians. We are focused on delivering operational flexibility, increased network capacity, and cost efficiencies into Telstra's network operations," said Håkan Eriksson, Head of Ericsson Australia & New Zealand.
"This next evolution of Ericsson Smart Services Routers enables complete network convergence so subscribers can access services from any device fixed or mobile. With a variety of network functions - ranging from subscriber management to policy control and mobility support - the SSR 8020 enables a fast and simple introduction of new end-user services, maximum end-user experience, and optimal use of network resources."
The new SSR-EPG is expected to be fully integrated into Telstra's network before the end of the third quarter in 2012.