Eutelsat KabelKiosk launches HbbTV portal Choice
By Robert Briel
February 28, 2012 08.09 Europe/London

Eutelsat Deutschland is launching its hybrid portal Choice for network operators it serves with its KabelKiosk headend-in-the-sky service.

“Kabelkiosk Choice is supporting the important trend of the dynamically changing media consumption behavior that is increasingly focusing on the possibilities of interactive TV. With Kabelkiosk choice we are well prepared for this development,” said Martina Rutenbeck, CEO, Eutelsat Deutschland, in a statement.

“After further testing Kabelkiosk is launching Choice in the first quarter of 2012 with a marketing. Campaign. This will make the year of digitisation 2012 also in to an important “hybrid year” for many cable and IPTV networks. ”

Kabelkiosk Choice is based on the HbbTV standard and includes Video on Demand services , a tip guide with TV and VoD recommendations, EPG services, a range of applications for interactive TV.

The VOD offer includes titles from US majors, German and European film distributors and dedicated Kabelkiosk content. In addition, HbbTV offers Red Button features with additional information on the programme being watched.

Kabelkiosk Choice can be adapted to the needs of the individual network operators. They can produce individual pages with the latest regional news, RSS feeds, clips, or current marketing campaigns.

As a white label product Kabelkiosk Choice can use brand of the network operator. An integrated content management system, the network operator can also make the contents of care and direction of the application and customize the portal extremely flexible in its specific needs.

Kabelkiosk Choice will be implemented in the various hybrid cable receivers , but also on HbbTV-enabled TVs. In the future, a mobile Kabelkiosk Choice version will be available for tablets.