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Thread: dreamDroid - Open-Source Enigma2 Client for Android

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    dreamDroid - Open-Source Enigma2 Client for Android

    dreamDroid - Open-Source Enigma2 Client for Android

    Hi all,
    dreamDroid enigma2 is a client for Android devices.
    The source code is under Create Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License license (
    If source code from external sources is derived, its license in the files found at the top.
    Basically, I'll provide any information whatsoever on there but only in English.
    For all of the English are not as powerful but I will also add more here in the forum have the appropriate information.
    Dreamdroid translate:
    What can DreamDroid to date:
    Streaming of live programming and recorded with the help of Vplayer or Daroon player (limitation: Like the Web streaming goes first only in the local network or forwarding of port 8001 (which is always WITHOUT password protection) to the outside.)
    Support for an unlimited number of Dreambox (with enigma2!)
    Support for locations & tags for timers and films (so far can be put in timers ledigich the location)
    Channels and the EPG Search
    The EPG search
    Timer-based EPG entries set
    Timer edit / delete
    Create new timer manually
    Empty the list of recorded movies & Show shots (integration of the "Locations" is still missing)
    Send messages to your box (which is currently still receiving no response to messages YesNo possible)
    Virtual Ferbedienen
    Open-source to be
    What dreamDroid may in the future:
    Be robust and stable (sorry, but it is currently just an alpha which I've tested so far only, I assume that there are still some bugs)
    All the things that come to mind every few minutes like this (screenshots, etc)
    dreamDroid is my first development for Android. Please forgive me if it might at one point or another should not run as fast as you would expect it (I've tried all of my to-find bug fix).
    Basically, the software on all devices running HDPI mdpi or display (G1, Magic, Milestone, Nexus One, Desire, etc).
    Whether all the screens are suitable for LDPI (HTC-entry devices, for example) I would not guarantee the right time ... book now
    Should anyone have pleasure to develop with dreamDroid, he should get in touch with me!
    Also, patches or suggestions regarding any "code and technical serious crimes" (which I had made sure not intentionally) are always welcome!
    Minimum Requirements:
    * Android 1.6
    * Web interface version> = 1.6
    Now for the interesting part:
    GitHub page:
    Screenshots (at the bottom of the page):
    dreamDroid is now also available through the Android Market!
    Android Market Link (will only work directly from the phone)
    Aptoide Repository:
    Download dreamDroid
    I I'd appreciate any kind of feedback (bug reports, feature Reqeust, requests, proposals, applications) very much.
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    Re: dreamDroid - Open-Source Enigma2 Client for Android

    hello thanks for sharing the link,,,much appreciated :) here is the site to download aptoide apk

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