TVNEXT takes TV to new devices

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 01-03-2012

German IPTV service provider TVNEXT enables the ADSL customers of EWE TEL to access the telco's TV package on conventional TV sets and mobile devices in addition to the PC for the first time.
The multi-screen and over-the-top (OTT) solution developed by TVNEXT makes the "Online-TV" package available on TV sets hooked up to the internet and on tablet-PCs such as the iPad and Android tablets through ADSL and W-iFi. Web-TV thereby becomes mobile - and returns to the traditional TV set at the same time.
For "Online-TV Plus" TVNEXT has expanded EWE TEL's video-management system - the core part of its TV infrastructure - in collaboration with the telco. The system handles distribution of the content to end device platforms and controls the exchange with further components such as the electronic programme guide (EPG) or the payment module which handles video-on-demand bookings and the "Online-TV Plus" subscription fee.
EWE TEL's ADSL customers can sign up for "Online-TV Plus" for €1.99 per month. In addition to the "Online TV" channel line-up and TV set/tablet-PC access, the service offers four channels in high-definition: Das Erste HD, ZDF HD, heimatLIVE Ostfriesland HD and Servus TV HD. It also includes seven additional standard-definition channels: Sport1, sixx, Tele 5, Das Vierte, Nickelodeon/Comedy Central, VIVA and Anixe.
The TV service, which EWE TEL launched on 1 March 2011, is used by more than 200,000 customers, according to the company. "Online-TV" ( offers more than 40 public and commercial TV channels as live-streams, local TV channel heimatLIVE and a video-on-demand service with blockbuster movies.
EWE TEL provides the basic TV service "Online-TV" to its ADSL customers in northern Germany without additional charge. So far, access has only been possible through PCs or notebooks. The company has around 640,000 customers in German federal states Lower Saxony, Bremen and parts of Brandenburg and North-Rhine Westphalia.