TV3 launches 3D on Nintendo's video console

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 01-03-2012

TV3 is staking its claim to be Spain's first broadcaster to providing 3D content to a handheld game console with the Nintendo 3DS.
With the new platform, 3DS users can view various videos specifically produced for the device with spectacular images of human towers, horse riding, climbing and extreme sports.
The Catalan Television channel has built new platforms for its 3D content beyond its traditional television and movie theatres and users of the Nintendo 3DS can access different TV3 3D content produced specifically for this portable device for displaying stereoscopic i
With this bet to bring stereoscopic content to new platforms, beyond television and movie theatres, TV3 is considered to be taking a pioneering step and positioned as the first television in Spain to provide a handheld game console.