Uruguay experiences Latin America's first cross media programme

IŮaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 01-03-2012

'Todos estamos conectados' is the first cross-media show in Latin America, to be premiered this month on Canal 10 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
The format was created by DamiŠn Kirzner, head of New Sock, an audiovisual content production company. The innovative show allows viewers to participate via the internet and generate content.
The show is hosted by Rafa Cotelo and Jorge PiŮeyrķa, two renowned Uruguayan hosts that viewers can interact with via webcam: they must sign up through Facebook and participate in an online casting. The show includes different sections such as "Uruguayans around the globe", "Interactive interview" (usually to famous people) and "I Know 2.0", where contestants get to showcase their skills.