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Thread: Mgcamd to Orton x403p.

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    Mgcamd to Orton x403p.

    Hi guys.
    have anyone tried mgcamd with this receiver.
    I tried to put some lines but no light at all.
    any suggestion?

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    Re: Mgcamd to Orton x403p.

    I had the same problem with my cs provider. After 5 days of trying ad failing i just payed for a new subscription with cccamd and i have light. The best i succeed to achieve is a connection with his mgcamd server using newcamd but still there was no light and he was claiming that even the connection with his server with newcamd is impossible. I don't know how but i had an indication that my stb was connected to server. I'm not an expert so if anyone has something to ad or correct, please do and enlighten us.
    Anyway, i think you should try something else with cccamd.

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