Multimedia gains digital subs
By Chris Dziadul
March 2, 2012 00.47 Europe/London

The Polish cable operator Multimedia Polska ended 2011 with a total of 195,000 digital cable and IPTV RGUs (revenue generating units), or 40% more than a year earlier.

Its TV RGU total was meanwhile 100,000 higher than a year earlier thanks to acquisitions and the expansion of existing networks.

Revenues from the TV segment amounted to PLN295.7 million (71.76 million) in 2011, a 6% increase on a year earlier.

Digital cable and IPTV revenues stood at around PLN18 million in Q4 (61% year-on-year) and accounted for almost a quarter (24%) of the total for TV.

Multimedia Polska also had 400,000 internet subscribers (+10%) at the end of 2011, while its revenues in the sector amounted to PLN172.8 million (+17%).

Revenues for the business as a whole amounted to PLN622.3 million (+10%), consolidated EBITDA PLN327 million (+9%) and net profit PLN102.2 million (+25%).

Multimedia Polska is the third largest cable operator after UPC and Vectra.