Here is some good info on FTA basic for those looking @ getting into the hobby or would just like to know more about the hobby!!!

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What is FTA?
FTA represents a category of satellite television channels which are not encrypted by the service provider and require no subscription. They are provided free of charge by the provider and are perfectly legal to receive with a satellite dish and FTA receiver.

What bands are used for FTA satellite?
Free To Air satellite channels are broadcast either on C or KU band, similar to VHF or UHF on terrestrial TV. C band is broadcast in the 3.6 to 4.2GHz frequency range and typically requires at least a 180 cm diameter dish for decent reception of most channels. However, some high power C Band channels can be received with a dish as small as 120 cm. Ku band is broadcast in the 11.7 to 12.2GHz frequency range. The higher frequency range makes it possible to receive channels using a dish as small as 76cm in diameter.

What is required to receive FTA channels?
To receive FTA channels you will need a satellite dish . It is always a good idea to use a dish larger than the minimum size to avoid any issues with signal loss. You also require a Low Noise Block Feedhorn (LNBF) and a FTA receiver. The LNBF is installed at the focal point of the satellite dish and receives the reflected satellite signal from the dish which is then demodulated by the satellite receiver to be displayed on your television.

How many FTA satellite channels can I receive?
There is really no limit depending on equipment you have dish's motors ect.............

How many satellites can I receive?
On a fixed dish with a single LNBF, you may only receive a single satellite. By upgrading to 2 LNBF and a switch you may receive 2 satellites spaced 4 degrees apart such as Galaxy 19 at 97W and SES 1 at 101W. You may also install multiple LNBF's using custom brackets to receive satellites within a 30 degree radius.

In order to receive all available satellites, you must motorise your satellite dish. Based on your location, from 12.5W all the way to 166.0E

Is it legal to receive FTA satellite channels?
FTA satellite channels is legal as these channels are unencrypted and anyone with the appropriate receiving equipment is free to view these channels. Please note that there are no FTA channels available on Echostar (61.5, 77, 110, 119, 129) or Nimiq satellites (72.5, 82, 91) as these satellites are used exclusively by subscription satellite providers.