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Thread: Strong Blue Dline with SRG swiss dist1

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    Strong Blue Dline with SRG swiss dist1


    I want to exchange with you my stronger . legender . bleu D line
    supported with local SRG swisse

    if you are interesting do not hesitate , I'm waiting you're mp


    Center informations
    Version M Box: 0.4 BETA build 0023
    Cartes Connèctées:1412
    Peers Connèctées: 185

    Distance des Cartes
    Distance 1 : 67 Cartes
    Distance 2 : 505 Cartes
    Distance 3 : 890 Cartes

    ask me on private message

    24/ 24 7/7

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    Re: Strong Dlin with local SRG swisse

    a local dline is GREEN, never blue. Blue is if you have a card in your local network but not in dist1 from your peer, in dist2 cause you have a box (without card) in between your card and your a blue line is not a local Dline, you lost one hop so you have to post in free section. Otherwise put your card in your box connected to your peer and then you can post here.

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