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Thread: How to load the Cerebro card?

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    How to load the Cerebro card?

    Previously, I have loaded the Cerebro card with the cerebro.exe program and a Multiprogrammer 3.6 from AD-Teknik, but that is now broken. I have also an Infinity USB card interface, but the cerebro.exe program only works on COM ports.

    Is there any other software for loading the cerebro card, which works with Infinity USB?

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    Re: How to load the Cerebro card?

    I not 100% sure on this (I do not own or personaly know anyone with an Infinity), but, I do beleave that you should be able to use CAS Studio 7.x, with it.

    CAS Studio has a built-in Programer for all the Aladin Crypt Cards, (Cerebro, Didem and Daytona),.
    These work much faster, and IMHO much more reliable then the standard Cerebro/Didem/Daytona - COM Port Loaders...

    The only problem is you have to have a supported Device (i.e. Burner), to use it, and I'm not entirely sure that the Infinity is.
    Allthough it should be though, allas you have to try it out for yourself.
    If you can get it to work, though you'll never want to use anyother Loaders again.

    Yes CAS Studio 7.x is that good...

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