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Thread: DM 7000S , Help!!!

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    DM 7000S , Help!!!


    I have been moving from one flat to another. My DM 7000S has been packed inside of its box for 10 days. Today I tried to turn it on but, after watching on screen the DM logo, all I get are gray and white vertical strippes. I tried to reset and reboot but I did not succeed.
    Any help? Please!!



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    Re: DM 7000S , Help!!!

    hi there, try to flash it with cable rs232.


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    Re: DM 7000S , Help!!!

    This happen with newer Flash Version too.
    Only helps to put in on and then out from the main power ca. 10-12 times, then will be boot again corectly.
    Try this method before flash it with a serial cable !!!

    Good luck

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