mPortal launches cloud-based, turnkey TV Everywhere platform

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 07-03-2012

The TV Everywhere genie is certainly out of the bottle, and the market is seeing a snowballing number of platforms for video ecosystem stakeholders wanting to snag a piece of the magic.
The latest is mPortal, which has launched the SPRINGBOARD Media product for cable companies, television programmers and content owners looking to cost-effectively expand their video presence to all connected devices.
While expanding video programming to connected devices like tablets and mobile phones is increasingly a must to maintain customer loyalty and preserve operator branding, the creation and maintenance of applications across all connected devices has proved to be a costly and time-consuming endeavour if done piecemeal or in a bespoke fashion.
To counter the issue, SPRINGBOARD Media is a cloud-based platform that aims to fast-track TV Everywhere initiatives across connected devices while consistently maintaining the operators’ or programmers’ brand and identity. It takes a soup-to-nuts approach to the TV Everywhere proposition that includes collecting device and in-app analytics to understand user behavior and optimise strategies for monetisation and cross-promotion across across channels and devices.
"The plethora of connected devices available today are fueling a radical change in how consumers watch video and how content owners and distributors monetise it," said D.P. Venkatesh, CEO of mPortal.
SPRINGBOARD Media’s key features include support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and connected devices that support HTML5, with automatic detection of the device type and delivery of the optimal user experience for it.
As far as revenue model, the platform is flexible in authentication and entitlement methods to allow various business and partnership models. It supports integration with third-party content providers to pull in value-add content, and offers advertising integration from a single or multiple third-party advertising networks. Data, metrics and reporting on subscriber usage patterns within and outside the app are included.
From a user experience perspective, integration with social networking is an option, as is a video bin that allows consumers to tracks video favorites and playback progress. They can pause programming on one device and continue exactly where they left off on another device, and make use of DVR integration for recording programs at home (subject to operator’s agreement). The package also has a multichannel Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to enable content discovery.