Yabazam 3D movie app comes to LG 3D smart TVs

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 07-03-2012

DDD Inc. has launched the Yabazam 3D movie app for LG 3D smart TVs, which streams free 3D movie trailers to the living room. In late March the service will expand, so that viewers will be able to download full length 3D movies for a pay-per-view fee.
"The ability to stream 3D content straight to a 3D Smart TV is a great step for the 3D industry," said Chris Yewdall, CEO of DDD. "LG's 3D PC products include Yabazam 3D movie trailers and we welcome the opportunity to deliver 3D movies to LG's smart TV customers as well."
The trailers are for the growing collection of 3D movies and other content available at Yabazam.com. The app has so far seen 70,000 content downloads.
Yabazam was launched in late 2009 and was the first online portal to offer high-definition 3D movies. It has been steadily inking deals with various 3D notebook and personal computer manufacturers, but the LG deal expands Yabazam's reach to the much wider TV-viewing audience.
DDD is aggressively growing the range of 3D movies available on Yabazam with regular updates. Popular titles include the Safety Geeks SVI series, the Curse of Skull Rock and Rio de Janeiro Carnival.
New releases scheduled include the acclaimed UYUYUI!, Come Coco and Moving Still from Timbo Estudio. UYUYUI! scored points during 2011 on the international festival circuit, with awards for Best Short Film using synthetic images at the 3D Film Festival in Belgium, Best 3D Short at the Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokyo and the 2nd Place Jury Award at the Los Angeles 3D Movie Festival.