Embratel DTH rebrands as Claro TV in Brazil

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 06-03-2012

Embratel, part of the sprawling Carlos Slim-backed América Móvil conglomerate, will rebrand its DTH Vía Embratel service in Brazil as Claro TV.
It's part of an ongoing relaunch effort across the America Movil properties to integrate brand identities across markets and lines of business. In this case, America Movil has chosen the Claro brand, which is already in market as a wireless service. To complete the picture, the Livre telephony brand will be replaced by Claro Fixo.
However, there are no announced plans to "claro"-fly Net, the main MSO in Brazil, which is jointly owned by América Móvil and Globo.
As for the services themselves, nothing initially will change other than the monikers. Features, service levels, pricing, terms of payment and channel programming will all remain the same.
Claro’s wireless base is a sizeable 46 million subscribers, which America Movil will use as a jumping off point for a home services bundle. Throughout the country, existing Claro stores will jointly market Claro TV and Fixo, together with the mobile service, for a quad play. Executives characterised the plan as "simplifying communication [into] the residential marketplace" in Brazil.