Apple TV 3 goes Full HD
By Robert Briel
March 8, 2012 07.02 Europe/London

Apple has unveiled a new version of its Apple TV at its press conference in San Francisco. Apple TV 3 for the first time supports 1080p Full HD.

The new version has a new user interface that resembles the iOS mobile operating system and groups specific types of media together (movies, TV shows, music) in a new navigation bar that sits just below the sliding deck of available content.

The bar also contains a button for computers, which presumably will allow you to access content on other computers in your immediate area, and a settings button. All the Apple TV applications appear just below that.

In the US, the device will give people access to TV shows the day after they air and will also have the iTunes recommendation engine Genius. Apple is adding iCloud functionality to the Apple TV for movies, much like it has done with other devices for iTunes purchases.

Apple TV currently lets owners stream content from their iTunes libraries and videos from YouTube, Netflix, and Vimeo directly to a home TV. Apple will also allow more Apps from third parties, possibly enhancing the connected TV functionalities.

Apple’s AirPlay features let the user stream music, photos, or video content from theirr iPad to an Apple TV, or see a mirror image of what’s on the tablet on the big screen.

The new Apple TV will be available next week in the US at $99; Europe follows on March 23 with a EUR109 price tag.