Irish horror-comedy 'Grabbers' headed for the Americas

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 08-03-2012

Fresh off its airing at the Sundance Film Festival, odd Irish genre mash-up Grabbers has been picked up by IFC Midnight for box-office and video on demand (VOD) distribution in North and South America.

The film, by Jon Wright, centers around an invasion of giant, multi-tentacled aliens--hence the title--that terrorise a remote, island-based Irish fishing village. Fishermen and whales turn up as first victims, but soon a series of grisly murders alert the local Gardai that there's something more afoot than accidents at sea.

An odd couple pairing of cops, Ciarán O’Shea and Lisa Nolan, eventually discover the hideous truth--but they also discover the key to salvation: whiskey. Let the alien-filled hilarity ensue.

“Grabbers is a great time at the movies and an ingenious update of the classic monster movie," said Jonathan Sehring, President of Sundance Selects/IFC Films. "We look forward to working with director Jon Wright when we release it later this year.”

No word yet on specific theatrical or VOD dates for Latin America or the States.