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Thread: Crow Dongle Update

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    Crow Dongle Update

    New SW 06/03/2012

    For Dongle



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    Re: Crow Dongle Update

    Hi Alfajay Thanks for the update. It has been sometime since I last plaiyed with my sat rxs. Last time it was hex codes lol.

    I downloaded the dongle update (For the Crow). Do I unzip it and then put it straight on the dongle or do I put it on a stick update the rx then reinsert the original dongle. May sound like a dumb question but thanks for your help mapraosat (my first visit of many).

    I am using a purple dongle semicircular and the guy who sold it to me varnished out the any way of identifying it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Crow Dongle Update


    New Software Dongle Crow_HD_AL7700-126
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    Re: Crow Dongle Update

    Can u explain.I am new to crow reciever.How to put this in the reciever.

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