The District Court: The intersect TV piracy online



Decision: Companies website, disruption of signals for servers

The District Court has ordered some Internet companies operating in Albania, the interrupt signal to several servers in a television broadcast piracy. Six companies have to take all measures to stop transmission by internet of digital terrestrial and satellite programs that operate illegally to the detriment of society "DigitAlb". Decision was taken some days ago by Judge Bledar Abdullai. "Shqip" newspaper has obtained a copy of the decision with the number "262 Act". Tracer is the Tirana Prosecution Office, which requires the receipt of the request: Requiring companies "Abissnet" Ltd, "Albtelecom" sha, "Abbcom" Ltd, "Albanian Satellite Communication" Ltd, "Primo" Ltd and "IT Tirana" Ltd to makeimmediate interruption of communication with the addresses of servers which broadcast stolen. Below we publish the full decision of the court, which has accepted the request of the prosecution.

From judicial review found that: On the basis of reference come from the State Police Department (Computer Crime Division), on 07.03.2011, Tirana Judicial District Prosecutor's Office has registered criminal proceedings no. 1055, the year 2011, which speaks for the offense of "computer fraud" as provided by Article 143/ai Penal Code. From investigations to date, has resulted that on 08.02.2011, citizen Alban Jaho (Director General of terrestrial and satellite digital platform "DigitAlb") has denounced the judicial police about illegal activities of persons other than that performed at the expense the company he leads.
According to the charge of making society "DigitAlb" Ltd provides TV programs of different nature paid to the general public in a given territory, where it has relevant exclusivity. These transmissions are offered through digital TV signal of this platform, terrestrial and satellite. During the course of its activity by the latter is found that different people provide this service without having this right, causing great economic damage to society "DigitAlb" Ltd which, in their runs in millions of euros.
Society has made the appropriate checks, which could collect evidence on how they performed this activity. This becomes possible through the use of computer system called "card sharing", by which several persons jointly use a regular subscription card.This card is taken through a special device called "Dreambox" which sends the encrypted keys via the Internet signal to a special server, which once again shkodon keys sends the signal to "Dreambox" that by using the key step video, and can then distribute the signal to an unlimited number of devices, using only a "smart card". All users of the above are considered as unauthorized by the society, thus creating a web of illegal traffic. During its investigation, the company "DigitAlb" Ltd has been able to provide the addresses of several servers that provide this service, made available to the investigation.
Following preliminary investigations conducted by the Prosecutor, realized act of technical expertise, which it is possible to determine the addresses of servers that carry out this illegal activity in Albania and abroad. These data are made available by the expert in writing and electronically. Also, preliminary investigations are ongoing to identify different citizens who practice this activity in Albania and the checks carried out (on the basis of approval to take the Tirana District Court) seized a portion of servers that perform this illegal activity in the Republic of Albania.
Expertise resulting from the act of a much larger part of these servers from where distribution is carried out illegally signal society "DigitAlb", are located in different countries outside the Republic of Albania, in order to avoid liability legal.
For this activity, these individuals use the Internet's international network, through which the signal transfer in different subscribers in the Republic of Albania for profit, and consequently causing a severe economic society "DigitAlb" licensed for this purpose. As above, the prosecution submits, related criminal proceeding, except investigative actions performed so far, there is a need for interruption of communication with the server addresses to identify and therefore address the court at the request subject to judgment.
Regarding the above, since in this case there is suspicion that a criminal offense of "computer fraud", the court concludes that the request should be accepted for ordering the companies "Abissnet" Ltd, "Albtelecom" sha, "Abbcom" Ltd, "Albanian Satellite Communication" Ltd, "Primo" Ltd and "IT Tirana" Ltd - to make immediate termination of the communication addresses of servers attached to the application list, this in order to further prevent this alleged activity against with the law, and mospendimin consequences arising from the fact of criminal suspects.