Canal+ Spain aims for audience of 6 million homes

Iñaki Ferreras | 09-03-2012

The Internet represents a new market with "a lot of competition" for television, but also "a huge opportunity" to expand customers, according to Stephen Dove CEO of Prisa's Digital TV Zone.

Speaking at a press conference, the executive said that the web offers Canal + the ability to make the jump from the roughly 2 million current subscribers of the platform to more than 6 million Spanish households have broadband connection at home.

"The Internet poses a challenge, which is more competition, but also offers us an opportunity, which is reaching, reaching across the market, anyone with a broadband connection," said Dove.

Canal + launched in October last year Yomvi Canal +, which offers the ability to view the content of Canal + on a number of platforms. Currently 300,000 Spanish households have subscribed to Yomvi, with more than 600,000 devices and over 1.5 million downloads of episodes of series, movies, software and other content offered by the platform, as noted by the director Research and Customer Insight of Canal +, Alvaro Yusti.

However among the challenges posed by the Internet, as opposed to the "closed market" of pay-TV which has traditionally been driven by Canal +, Dove added, would be competition with other operators who are also preparing legal offers for movies, series and 'online' programmes .

"With the Internet there are lots and lots of competition, this means that we must change the way our content is available," stated Dove, who has said that in the coming months will be "many changes" in the content it offers Canal + Yomvi and "possibly" also changes in the price of this offer.

There is also the challenge of addressing a new group of users who are different from traditional television viewers because they are more active in finding the content they like. "There is a tendency unquestioning consumption (TV) individual versus group," explained the director of Content Canal + Yomvi, Paul Romero, who has indicated that the arrival of television to the Internet is "the end of the beholder" and replacement by "user", which asks to see "what you want, whenever and wherever.”

Furthermore he said that Canal + would put "the largest inventory of possible contents in the user's hand [so that] all premium content that exists in the market is Canal +". To that end, Romero confirmed that Prisa TV had reached agreements with the major U.S. producers and that Canal + has reached strategic agreements with connected TV manufacturers like Samsung and telecommunications operators, as Jazztel, with whom Canal + has begun marketing Canal + Yomvi together with the ADSL package offered by the telco.