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    Audio PIP Plugin

    Audio PIP Plugin

    Hi !

    Once people know me know that I do not like lame animals, but rather act I've just considered on a specific occasion such times one can watch a TV transmitter and quickly pick up the sound from another.

    Go with the code from the split screen plugin actually quite easy: you zoomed the PIP to full screen, and when you weiterzappt normally you can pick up the sound from any other channel for full screen PIP picture (PipZAP is of course if installed).

    So ARD sports sound to play football on Sky Sports or the like (where the holding is less noisy Getröte combined with a better picture).

    I think that's just the moment a good time to test it

    Install by the ipk to / tmp directory via FTP and then donating:

    ipkg install / tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-audiopip *. ipk

    If you do not like and want to get rid of it:

    ipkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-audiopip

    If it is installed after restart enigma2 easy to use in the Extensions Menu (on blue or blue in the long-GP2) where you turn Pip Pip enable audio select and then zap then stop, the rest is probably self-explanatory.

    Trimming to do it then, logically, with the normal PIP Abdrehmenupunkt in the same menu extensions. In principle, the audio is indeed just a pip PIP with full-screen, so that you get when you zap just the sound from the transmitter to another.

    Normal PIP should of course continue to go in the Extensions Menu, just not both at the same

    And of course only on the boxes can also PIP (ie 8000/7025)

    PS: Nettorbeitszeit for the plugin was not expecting 10 minutes, so not too much, but it works
    What I would like to confirm once again the discussion of the split screen, the DMM from the PIP rausholt unfortunately not all what is technically possible and even quite easy EEnter a unique selling point to other receivers would - like the fun timeshifting

    Have fun testing!

    No new features, just code optimization in order to improve compatibility.
    Thanks gutemine
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