TVE cuts down on Olympic Games coverage

Iñaki Ferreras | 10-03-2012

Since Spain's national public broadcaster Corporación RTVE is going through a big crisis, with a cut down on its deficit of some 240 million euros, all of the events it will cover this year will be affected. Now it is the turn of the Olympic Games.

According to local reports, the board of directors of RTVE have agreed to reduce by 25% the cost of deployment, as well as the number of people who will move to London during the Games.

These sources emphasise that London 2012 will have less than a quarter of the Beijing 2008 budget and four years ago, the TVE team consisted of about 200 people.

According to El País newspaper, with this new setting it is estimated that the cost of coverage will be around 4 million euros, compared with 5 million euros in Beijing.