Peace TV to launch in Arabic in 2013

Rebecca Hawkes | 11-03-2012

A new 24 hour Arabic religious channel is to be launched next year by the India-based Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), headed by Dr Zakir Naik.

The satellite channel Peace TV, which already claims a global viewership of over 100 million, will reportedly go on air with an Arabic language version in the middle of 2013.

"There are more than 60 Arabic channels today but the Peace TV channel will be unique in content and technology," Naik told Arab News during a recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

He said the new channel would present Islam to a global audience of Arabic speakers and remove misconceptions about Muslims and the Islamic world.

Naik has reportedly delivered over 1,500 public lectures on comparative religion around the world. His criticism of Western powers for intervening in the affairs of Muslim countries have, however, led to a ban on him entering the UK since June 2010 on the grounds of extremism.