MundoFox gains must-carry status in Miami

Gabriel MIramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 12-03-2012

News Corp.’s new Hispanic-themed entertainment network, MundoFox, will appear in Miami on WJAN, Channel 41, when it launches this fall. It will have must-carry status on pay-TV networks, giving it the same status as NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX.
As a result of the affiliation agreement, WJAN’s current programming, America Teve, will move to its sister station, WFUN, Channel 48. While WJAN is must-carry, WFUN is not.
"We are very excited about this move; Fox International in the process of building a national network made up of quality programming designed to inform and entertain today’s Latino audience. We are proud to have been selected to be one of their major market affiliates," said Omar Romay, president of America CV Group, the station-owner, in a statement.
Thanks to its must-carry designation, MundoFox will be guaranteed to be shown on Comcast, AT&T U-verse, DISH Network and DirecTV throughout the Miami-Dade area and in Puerto Rico.