Roku receives blessing and funding for international expansion

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 12-03-2012

Over-the-top (OTT) streaming box company Roku is looking for new funding to fuel an international expansion.
The company has sold 2.5 million of its $50 boxes in the United States, and launched in Britain and Ireland at the beginning of the year. Now, it is looking to raise $50 million to bring its business to France, Germany and perhaps Japan.
As for how it will use the money, the focus for the company this year is content-acquisition: Roku realises that country-specific content will be critical to being seen as a mainstream TV alternative. Next year the goal will be on sales and ramping up the marketing.
And speaking of content, the company announced separately that CatholicTV has launched on the Roku streaming platform, available as a free live video stream.
CatholicTV content can now be streamed to viewers' televisions, computers, tablets and mobile devices for convenient, on-demand viewing.
"For fifty-seven years, The CatholicTV Network has been a staple in millions of homes," said CatholicTV President Father Robert Reed. "Now Roku customers across the world can stream CatholicTV LIVE along with some of our most endearing and exciting programming through their Roku players. Our world-class network is more accessible than ever."
The CatholicTV Network provides family-friendly religious news and educational programming 24 hours daily and offers the Daily Mass, The Rosary, special programming such as Father Robert Barron's series, Catholicism, Papal programming from around the world and Catholic talk shows and news including This is the Day, and a new program for women and families, The Gist. Users will also have access to CatholicTV's on-demand library.
"The CatholicTV Network continues use all forms of technology to expand our reach," said Jay Fadden, executive vice president and GM.