Cyfrowy Polsat says no to 3D
By Chris Dziadul
March 12, 2012 07.21 Europe/London

Cyfrowy Polsat has ruled out investing in 3D channels for the foreseeable future.

Speaking to Wirtualne Media, company president Dominik Libicki said that 3D technology was still in its infancy and is unlikely to be as revolutionary as HD has been.

He added that digital TV services in Poland were currently among the cheapest in Europe to receive, with Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers, for instance, being effectively charged only around PLN1 (€0.24) a day for well over 100 channels.

Libicki also said the DTH platform has not put up its subscription fees for five years and currently has no plans for doing so.

Separately, Cyfrowy Polsat has posted revenues of PLN725 million for Q4 2011, or 92% more than a year earlier.

Its EBITDA amounted to PLN197 million (+174%) and net profit PLN76 million (+106%).

However, for the year as a whole its net profit of PLN160 million was 38% lower than in 2010.

The platform had 3,551,671 subscribers at year’s end, or 3.4% more than 12 months earlier, while its churn was 9.8%, or 0.5 percentage points lower.

ARPU in Q4 was, at PLN38.3, 6.4% higher than a year earlier.