Welcome to Saners Server =D, This is a reasonably new server ( 6 weeks ), so it is not the largest at the moment, but I plan to make it safe, secure, fast and good for all peers.

OK Some info, it is hosted on a vps that is UK based, because its on a vps is obviously has no local.

It is Debian Based and runs CCCam 2.3.0,

I add all F:Lines with

F: User Pass 4 0 0 { 0:0:3 }

and C:Lines with

C: DNS:Port no { 0:0:2 }

All people are welcome, but I am strict on the rules for my box.


#1. Ping + 80ms = Delete
#2. No Reshare = Delete
#3. Offline for 48hrs with no contact = Delete
#4. 90% Min uptime
#5. Poor ECM = Delete

I prune bad users every weekend, I would rather have 5 good peers over 50 crap ones.

I am open to everyone as long as the rules are followed.

My box is monitored so if it does drop offline I aim to get it sorted as soon as humanly possible