The EBU, the world’s largest association of broadcasters, is consolidating its longstanding relationship with Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) with a multiple-transponder contract on two satellites. The renewal of four transponders on EUTELSAT 7A (ex W3A) up to 2016 and the further renewal of four more transponders on EUTELSAT 10A (ex W2A) will support the association’s network that serves 85 national media organisations in 56 countries in and around Europe.

With the stage set for 2012 to be an exceptional news and sports year, including elections in major countries and iconic sports events, the EBU is focused on delivering unique programme material that will give Members a competitive edge in a changing media environment. Satellites remain the bedrock technology used by the EBU for "conveying" content between permanent and temporary locations worldwide.

The EBU is also validating the new-generation satellite newsgathering solution that Eutelsat has launched on its KA-SAT High Throughput Satellite. Called NewsSpotter, this IP service is designed to enable broadcasters to deliver more from the field at low cost, further diversifying live news reporting.

Graham Warren, Director of Network at EBU, noted: "
The EBU and Eutelsat have agreed the renewal of a long-lasting relationship. The EBU was the first customer of Eutelsat in broadcast services in the eighties, developing a relationship which has brought success for both parties over so many years. In the fast and ever-changing broadcast technologies world, this renewal is the premise of further successes for the EBU. "

Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat CEO, said: “
The EBU represents a hallmark for the highest broadcasting standards. We are delighted to pursue our longstanding cooperation with the association and its Members in public service broadcasting, and are committed to devising new services like NewsSpotter that can contribute to further progress for the industry.