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Thread: Televisa Networks Europe(Mexico)

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    Televisa Networks Europe(Mexico)

    Hi all,
    living in Spain, having Astra1 and Hotbird, wanting to put an extra dish for Intel 905 24,5 W. Particularly for the Mexican Televisa Channels for the Mrs, are there any keys available for this package?
    Running a Protek 9600 IP cardsharing box......
    In the worst of cases, anyone knows where to get the subscription card if the keys are not available?
    Thanx in advance,
    Brgrds, Erik.

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    Re: Televisa Networks Europe(Mexico)

    Hi Eric,
    If you get any wiser, regarding the Televisa programming let me know pls. When I looked last year, a legit card was between the 330-450. The cheapest I found was at and that wasn't cheap 393 including VAT. That's something for some 5-6 channels on a annual basis! I figure the card has a base price and everyone is trying to make a buck, otherwise it would have been a fixed price throught Europe with little variation/fluxuation say 20-40. I don't know if you tried to contact Televisa in Spain directly if you found some other ways or obtaining a cheaper subsription let me know pls. Regarding the Inelsat @ 24.5W with a Gibertini OP125L fully steerable I didn't get all that super signal from my location, which makes me fear that at night, the reception would be insufficient! Don't know it could be my dish, but I receive Hispasat with a 92% of Signal/Quality ratio and Intelsat some 65%.

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    Talking Re: Televisa Networks Europe(Mexico)

    the right Visat (Televisa network for Europe) commercial price is just 380€ indeed.
    You can find easily the card on internet.

    But, watch out, guys.
    Visat is going to swap its old cards at time.
    So, be sure you're buying the new one, that old cards still have a very short life.


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