Brazilian, Mexicans prefer spending time online to TV

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 15-03-2012

Brazilian and Mexican consumers in urban areas prefer spending time on the Internet to watching television, by a factor of four, according to new analysis from Forrester Research.
Brazilian respondents to the survey of city-dwellers in both countries said that they spend 23.8 hours on the Web every week, but only 6.2 hours spent watching traditional TV. Mexican respondents spend a comparable 24.7 hours online, compared to seven watching TV.
In terms of online video consumption, that appears to be a big factor in the consumption trends. A respective 86% and 83% of Brazilians and Mexicans reported watching online video on sites such as YouTube.
Ironically, Internet penetration is still lower than in Europe and North America, but on the rise. By 2016, the number of broadband households in Brazil will increase to 57% and in Mexico to 48%, up from 47% and 38%, respectively. Mobile broadband continues to be a hugely important piece of the online public as well as smartphone penetration continues to grow.
And, social TV marketers take note: Social networks are wildly popular in both countries, with 89% of Brazilians and 88% of Mexicans visiting one on a regular basis, with Facebook being the most popular platform.
"Understanding these first adopters of the [Latin American] online world will allow companies to test their online and mobile strategies and build successful voice of the customer programs that resonate with this highly social and entertainment-driven consumer market," said Forrester analyst Roxana Strohmenger. "The time to experiment in Latin America is now."