Gol TV wants to offer cheap football

Iñaki Ferreras | 17-03-2012

Spain's fight for cheap broadcast football has come back to stay. During a conference at the University of Vic (UVic), on 15 March, Spanish Mediapro's CEO Jaume Roures declared that he wants to offer broadcast football "even cheaper", at a price below one euro per game, aiming to reinforce the Gol TV pay-TV channel with offers of this type.

"Spanish law has gone against cable television and fibre optics, for the benefit of satellite TV, that is, of Canal +," said Roures.

Catalan businessmen have blamed the legislation for the fact that currently only 25% of households have pay-TV, when elsewhere in Europe the figure is 45%.

Roures said Mediapro is working to bring football to "all possible windows - Internet, mobile and film - at an affordable price and around the world", predicting that his company will reach three million subscribers in 2013.