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Thread: EPG Update & Restore

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    EPG Update & Restore

    EPG Update & Restore

    Here is the version first public update of the EPG, and restore plugin.
    A huge thanks to this isnagut that is for the entire part of the python plugins plugin not responsible for and without whom this would have been possible.
    Many thanks also to kiliantv for beta test.
    -------------------------------------------------- -----------
    In this first version of the plugins following functions are available ...
    Update EPG:
    Here is the epg.dat loaded from the server and directly (via a restart) incorporated into the image.
    The epg.dat contains the (nearly) complete EPG for satellite-7 degrees East / 9 ° Ost/13 Ost/19.2 ° ° ° Ost/23.5 East and 28 ° East.
    If these satellites should be missing on something, please report here.
    If it is possible for me to take this data, they are added in the next update.
    Restore EPG:
    At each restart of the box a fresh e2 epg backup is created.
    This is a script that allows start at any e2 automatically executed.
    Use the Restore function to restore this backup EPG can then, if you take a crash had been deleted and the epg, because he was not even written in the crash.
    Here you will find the options ...
    Start direct downloading EPG file (Yes / No)
    Was selected if "Yes" is the loaded epg.dat immediately once the plugin is entered.
    If "No" must be download through the "Update EPG" started manually.
    Ask before restart enigma2:
    If set to "Yes" after downloading the epg.dat again asked if e2 is now to be restarted to load the epg.dat.
    If "No" this will restart automatically.
    Download Files:
    Here there are only the option to select the entire file.
    (Other packages will follow later).
    Stops the plugin.
    -------------------------------------------------- -----------
    This is the first public test version of the plugins.
    It has been tested on only a few images and environments.
    The main functions were to run as far as everyone, but it can occur naturally in certain cases to problems and errors.
    This report, please detail here so that they can be solved.
    A grade epg file is already created on the server so that everything can be tested ausgibig.
    Unfortunately it seems the MHW2 EPG, which is responsible for Digital + Spain, to be currently broken, so I had to rely on the xml data, which unfortunately are not as complete.
    Otherwise, if everything should be present.
    Enjoy free
    Thanks sin

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