IP&TV World Forum 2012: new ACCESS secures DLNA communications

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 19-03-2012

Multiplatform advanced software technologies provider ACCESS has enhanced its DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Technology Component solution, NetFront Living Connect 3.0.
The connected TV solution is designed to enable device manufacturers to implement services that support DLNA standards on Consumer Electronic (CE) devices including digital TVs, set-top boxes and mobile phones. The new features in NetFront Living Connect 3.0 include support for DLNA Premium Video, increased cloud integration and Remote User Interface integration.
NetFront Living Connect 3.0 offers support for DLNA Premium Video profile, enabling the secure sharing of high-quality, premium commercial video across DLNA Certified products such as digital televisions, tablets, mobile phones, Blu-ray disc players and video game consoles.
As well as enabling access to premium content, the solution also allows service providers to deliver cloud based content to the home network. Deeper integration with the Cloud means that NetFront Living Connect now offers consumers and service providers the option of accessing and sharing media content both locally and externally.
“The launch of NetFront Living Connect 3.0 provides a real step-change for organizations that want to securely profit from DLNA media sharing,” says Kunihiro Ishiguro, CTO of ACCESS. “NetFront Living Connect 3.0 enables secure media sharing, without which content owners will never sanction the sharing of premium video. We integrate plug-ins enabling users to access highly popular cloud-based services such as Flickr and YouTube on multiple devices throughout the home. “