Lithuanian market rebounds
By Chris Dziadul
March 19, 2012 07.31 Europe/London

Lithuania’s ad market grew by 5% in 2011 following two years of recession, with TV increasing its share and the internet the fastest growing medium.

Data produced by TNS LT and published by VZ shows that total ad spend in the country amounted to LTL340.7 million (€97.2 million) in 2011, up from LTL324.6 million a year.

TV accounted for LTL162 million (LTL153 million), equivalent to 47.5% (47.1%) of the total and the internet LTL28 million (LTL25 million).

Digital TV are expected to provide impetus for further growth in the ad market, which is projected to increase in size by a further 2.6% this year.