New Tunisian channel launches from France
By Robert Briel
March 20, 2012 07.57 Europe/London

Al Janoubia TV, a new Tunisian channel based in France, will officially begin broadcasting on NileSat on March 20.

The new satellite channel claims it will be politically neutral and strive to serve the Tunisian Revolution in developments in the field of culture, society, investment and tourism, according to the Tunesialive website.

In late February, Al Janoubia’s founders Rabii Baaboura and Farhat Jouini announced the launch of the new TV channel and declared their objectives to the public. They described the channel as representing the people “South of the Mediterranean.”

Al Janoubia will focus on the socio-cultural lifestyle in Tunisia and hopes to reach Tunisians living abroad in Europe as well. “No TV channel in Tunisia cared about that Tunisian community before,” they said.

However, the channel has been struggling to attain recognition at the official level in Tunisia since it presented documentation to the Tunisian authorities so it could begin broadcasting in Tunisia in March 2011. Its application was rejected, which forced the founders to broadcast from Europe. “We however met with the media officer of the Ministry of Interior and the Tunisian Presidency consultant on February 20th. They are positive about our application,” they said.