MBC looks to localise TV services for Egypt, Maghreb

Rebecca Hawkes | 26-03-2012

Pan Arab satellite broadcaster MBC is discussing plans to provide localised content for North Africa, a board member of the Dubai-based media group has said.

"MBC is right now talking about having split transmissions to different locations around the region after the new landscape," Abdulrahman Al Rashed, the general manager of MBC news channel Al Arabiya, is quoted as saying in Arabian Business.

"MBC will have MBC North Africa, MBC Iraq and MBC Egypt as well. They are right now still in the planning stage, but the chairman has committed to a big investment," he added.

Confirming proposals are indeed in the pipeline, MBC's official spokesman Mazen Hayek told Rapid TV News that the revelation falls within the context of the broadcaster's long talked of MBC Maghreb proposition, and its aspirations to serve a wider audience.

"Today, we don't have a decision in this context, and nothing like a definite launch date. But, we are in discussions and looking at various options. Clearly the nature of the satellite structure in MENA means that one feed beams over all markets, and so we've been constrained. We're looking at mechanisms for how we can serve sub regional markets one day, soon," Hayek added.