N.DS denies Rossi acted illegally for them

N.DS has denied that Davide Rossi the fomer head of the AEPOC anti-piracy organisation and, it is now revealed, a consultant to the security department of N.DS, ever acted illegally on their behalf.

Rossi is currently a defendant in a wide-ranging pay-TV piracy trial in Sicily where several defendants are charged as part of a conspiracy – a piracy ring – alleged to have attempted hacks on several smart cards, including those of N.DS.

Rossi – who pleads not guilty to all the allegations – says he was collecting intelligence on potential pirates on behalf of Len Withall, a British ex-police officer who was deputy head of the N.DS security unit that was jointly funded by BskyB.

N.DS states: “N.DS wholly refutes the allegation that Mr Rossi acted illegally on behalf of N.DS. N.DS is not a defendant in the trial in Sicily or any other.”