Polish telco goes Orange
By Chris Dziadul
March 30, 2012 09.30 Europe/London

The Polish incumbent telco TPSA is to start using the Orange brand name for all its products by the end of the second quarter.

This follows a decision by the company’s management board made yesterday (March 29).

In a statement, TPSA says: “The telecommunication market is evolving towards convergence of fixed and mobile services and concentration around one strong brand.

TPSA expects that extending the Orange brand to its products will have a positive impact on its revenues and profitability and will contribute to growth in customer satisfaction and a decrease in churn in the fixed line segment.

The change of the brand will also help to refresh the Company’s image, as Orange is perceived as more friendly, modern and trustworthy.

In addition, as a result of rebranding TPSA will gain access to a greater number of FT Group’s innovative solutions, which will bring specific benefits to customers.”

It adds that the licence fee for using the Orange trade mark by TPSA will amount to 1.6% of the revenues generated from sales and services and products under the Orange brand.

TPSA is becoming an increasingly important player in the Polish TV marketplace, being the operator of both a DTH and an IPTV platform.