Black Pole stands for: Black P(li)ole

Given the great work Pli is doing on e2 sources and openembedded, the Black Hole team have decided to accompany these images on an experimental project based on the Pli git.

The Black Pole project is fully Open Source and accessible to all.
The source can be found at: and on this board we will be provide the makefile, to make sure that anyone can compile the image alone, experiment with new solutions, add to and perhaps propose patches and enhancements. Only Vu plus boxes are supported.

Although the images externally "Black Hole" and "Black Pole" may seem similar, with the same structure,skin panels and, in reality the two images are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND STRUCTURALLY have a totally different target.

The image Black Pole is derived from Pli git and includes all the features from it.
- Better handling of the media with continuous work to expand the formats recognized and make an easy to use media player and movie player.
- Streaming internal server.
- Support for IPTV with the possibility to add the channels directly in IPTV Bouquet.
- Advanced management of subtitles in a large number of possible settings and customizations.
- Auto language or automatic selection of the language set as precisely as possible where there are subtitles.
- Continuous updates in real time through custom feeds directly from the vuplus-community server.
- Compatibility with existing Black Hole addons.

As we all know the Black Hole images are especially oriented to being user-friendly and the most complete package with the presence of numerous panels and features that allow users to directly manage resources of the system.
The target of the Black Pole images are totally different. The Black Pole images are "essential" no frills and updated, developed exclusively to meet the criteria of speed, performance and stability.
The Black Pole images do not contain all the interior panels of BH images, but does still include all the services.
There is no multiboot support in BP and no panels for telnet or cron.
But you can still use all the services in BP such as openvpn, nfsserver etc. ..

Basically we think that the Black Pole images are more suitable for advanced users and experts who can also play around with the source and configurations.

In conclusion it is important to clarify that BH and BP are two completely different images and dedicated in a structured manner to a different target.
Apart from differences in structure the thing would go against the different nature and the target of two different projects.

Special Thanks to Pli team and expecially to pieterg Milo and hemertje for their support and for the big work they are making for all us.
Thanks to Skaman (Sif) andyblac (Vix) e plnick (Vti) for their friendly support and suggestions.