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    Titanium 2

    hi everyone, need some advise and help plz. I have a matrix rev cam, no files out for it yet, I have recently bought a tit 2 card, can this card be programmed, to work tps etc.? does the Tit 2 card need to go into a cam, or can it work without cam to get tps, d+ etc, thanks in advance.

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    Re: Titanium 2

    Don´t think there is much use for Tit 2 card today...look in card section if you can find ANY actual files for that card and what eventually it can open...for sure not D+...
    All cards can work in modul with right support in software...or you can always use it in receiver with respecting system inbuild(embedded)...
    I don´t use Tit2card myself,as I remember it reads in Conax embedded receivers...

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