MIP TV: Mip Cube wraps on innovation

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 02-04-2012

The two-day MipCube conference in Cannes wrapped up with general agreement as to how on-demand and multi-screen are changing considerably the control of content.
“Multi-screen usage on tablets, smartphones and laptops brings a much more convenient interactive experience of interacting with the TV on another screen… This is how we see the evolution of a more convenient interface with the TV, noted Sandrine Dufour Vivendi’s EVP Innovation and Deputy CFO, adding that the company is a “major player in the new TV experience, even though quality and premium content will remain absolutely king”.
Giving examples, she said subsidiary Canal+ has been testing transmedia formats, running games in between series of popular shows to build audience engagement, and exploring the potential of working with Twitter on social TV features. But these trends outlined are affecting all Vivendi’s businesses, from TV to games music.

For Geoff Sutton, General Manager of MSN Global Media Group, “one of the most interesting things that’s happening is the computer is coming into the lounge. Now, your TV is becoming a PC.”
Swiss start-up Jilion, run by Mehdi Jacques Aminian, won the MipCube Lab award for Sublime Video, a service that aims to solve a online video problem, as it moves from the Flash technology to the HTML5 standard. HTML5 is implemented differently across different devices and browsers and Jilion has developed a video solution that is claimed to work anywhere, all the time.”

Aminian explained it’s a way for companies to make sure their online videos play properly across as many devices and browsers as possible. SublimeVideo launched commercially in 2011, and sees use with companies including Fox, NBC, Gucci and Sony.And the market is even huger as, experts predict, by 2015 video will represent 90 % of all internet traffic.
The prize-winner in the Content 360 video category was the connected TV Set’s Crash Test Dummies that aims to provide a behind-the-scenes guide to stunts “with a liberal sprinkling of comedy, spectacle and entertainment” as explained creator Tom Jenkins.