Concurrent targets enhanced VOD ads with MediaHawk

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 03-04-2012

Concurrent has launched new software that provides operators the flexibility to dynamically insert advertisements before, during or after VOD programming.
According to SNL Kagan, cable and telco operators served more than 7.8 billion interactive video streams in 2011 and VOD usage is expected to increase in the years ahead. Each video stream, whether it contains premium VOD content, time shifted TV content, or free content, represents a vehicle for inserting revenue generating advertisements that are tailored to the individual consumer.
"VOD advertising represents a great opportunity for our customers to generate more revenue from the streams they are already serving," said James Brickmeier, Concurrent's vice president and general manager of video solutions.
The upgrade is part of Concurrent's latest software release for its flagship VOD product, MediaHaw VX. Insertion of mid-roll, pre-roll and post-roll ads within VOD sessions can be directed from an external ad decision engine using SCTE interfaces and seamlessly introduced into interactive video streams by the server. This capability enables operators to insert new or replace existing advertisements in premium VOD content, free VOD content or time-shifted TV.
Ad replacement features can be used to insert specific ads in time-shifted TV content for targeted zones being served, eliminating the need to capture and store individual broadcast feeds for each "ad zone."
As an open solution, MediaHawk is fully compatible with all standards-based ad decision engines and ad management solutions. It can also be combined with Concurrent's media data and advertising solutions, for census-level targeting and usage monitoring.