Zimbabwe MP calls for broadcast media reform

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 04-04-2012

Zanu PF is "too scared" to open up the broadcast media sector in Zimbabwe, the chairman of the country's parliamentary committee on media, information and communication technology has said.
Settlement Chikwinya, MDC-T MP for Mbizvo in KweKwe, said Zimbabwe - which gained independence in 1980 - is now lagging behind more recently independent countries like South Africa and Namibia that have multiple private television and radio networks.
The MP's committee is to question Information Minister Webster Shamu as to why he has failed to implement the reforms, SW Africa Radio reports.
"The Zanu PF side of government developed cold feet to open up the airwaves, while there is defiance by Shamu to licence independent radio and television stations," Chikwinya is quoted as saying by the London-based radio station.
"The moment you issue out licences to broadcasters with independent editorial policies, the people of Zimbabwe will become more informed and make better choices which are most likely not going to be in favour of Zanu PF.
"The media environment is such that journalists still face government repression and state media still largely acts as a government mouthpiece," added Chikwinya.