MIP TV: Documentaries, films form key content for 3D

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 04-04-2012

The challenges of 3D in the TV industry are still many, and the consumers’ interest for 3D at home is still uncertain but what is not a doubt is that films and documentaries comprise the most compelling 3D content.
According to the “3D TV, State of the Market” report from IHS Screen Digest, the two genres have surprisingly beaten off sport which many have presumed would dominate.
According to Screen Digest, 31 dedicated 3D channels or services are operating worldwide along with more than 35 one-off 3D event broadcasts. “For operators, 3D is seen as a means of up-selling higher subscription packages, which are also bundled to HD subscriptions,” said Tom Morrod, Senior Principle Analyst.
“We consider 3D as part of our innovation strategy towards our partners in the industry,” added Orange TV’s 3D project manager Ghislaine Le Rhun-Gautier explaining the operators commitment.
Looking at the 3D retail market, Screen Digest forecasts there will be 25 million installed 3D TV sets by 2015 and 18.2 million Blu-Ray 3D players worldwide at the end of 2012. 3D also finds a new dimension on video gaming consoles while 3D on mobile is still a niche market. Consumer 3D spending will likely amount to €337 billion in 2012.
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