MIP TV: Facebook viewer like comedies, soap and reality TV

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 04-04-2012

Comedies, soaps and reality shows are among the most popular video services among Facebook users, research from social TV analytic service The Wit Spotter has revealed.
The new service has been developed to help broadcasters and producers obtain richer data about new content and to better appreciate and value audience feedback.
In its latest review, Wit found that the strongest performing shows were German scripted reality series Berlin Day & Night, said to be the most talked-about new TV show worldwide . Next came French short-form comedy Bref, broadcast on Canal+ which is also the third most-liked show on Facebook in France.
“If you look at the rankings worldwide, the first new show in the US is far behind,” said The Wit CEO Virginia Mouseler adding that on Facebook people like soap, comedy and reality. Reality shows such as American Idol, X Factor and Big Brother thus create loyal and engaged fans.
Comparing what people like and dislike on Facebook and Twitter, The Wit also found that the two audiences are very different. On Facebook, 75 % of likes go to scripted shows while 78 % of Twitter followers go to non-scripted shows. “Facebook is more about engagement with scripted TV,” Mouseler observed.
Among the most anticipated shows on Facebook in the last three months worldwide have been ABC’s The River in the US, Channel 2′s The Voice in Israel and TV3′s Tallafornia in Ireland. On Twitter, the most anticipated new shows were BBC1′s The Voice in the UK, Fox’s Alcatraz in the US and NBC’s Smash in the US.
The Wit analuysis also revealed that broadcasters do not have a structured promotion of new shows on social networks.29% of new shows have an official Facebook page, breaking down into 33% in the US but only 12% in the UK and Germany.
Only 15% of new shows have an official Twitter account, with 2% in Germany, but 85% in Mexico.