RGB adds MPEG DASH support to TV Everywhere packager

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 04-04-2012

RGB Networks, a provider of multiscreen IP video delivery solutions, has added support for the MPEG DASH protocol to its TransAct Packager for TV Everywhere.
The Packager also supports Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) to deliver video to any IP-enabled device, even as the industry continues to evolve.
"MPEG DASH is clearly a standard with significant momentum, and we are working closely with many industry stakeholders to promote its benefits through the MPEG DASH Promoters Group, and with providers of client media players to ensure easy implementation and rapid adoption," said Andy Salo, director of product marketing for RGB. "We are committed to keeping our products at the forefront of the industry. Adding MPEG DASH support to our TransAct Packager ensures that it remains the industry’s most advanced packaging solution, enabling VSPs to deliver the latest services to their subscribers, regardless of their viewing device or media player."
As part of its efforts to enable industry-wide adoption of MPEG DASH, RGB is working closely with developers of the client media players necessary for displaying MPEG DASH video, including AuthenTec and Netview Technology. Integration with these two vendors has been tested and will be demonstrated at NAB 2012.
RGB’s TransAct Packager is a key component of the company’s Enhanced Video Intelligence Architecture (eVIA)—a comprehensive TV Everywhere solution. It performs the critical step in which H.264 video streams are 'packaged' in all four of the major adaptive streaming protocols – Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe HDS and MPEG DASH – for both live and on-demand delivery of premium content.