Online video hunger getting bigger in multiscreen TV world

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 06-04-2012

As nearly two-thirds of US adults look at online content while watching television, a new survey commissioned by Digitas has revealed an increased urgency for brand investment in online video.
Building up momentum to its showcase of the new world of broadcasting, Digital Content NewFronts (DCNF), the global integrated brand agency revealed more research about what it called a deepening multi-generational interest in native digital video programming across screens.

In addition, almost half (46%) of online video viewers in the US say that if they are watching a video online that mentions a new product or brand, they would be at least somewhat likely to look that brand up afterwards. Nearly half of those who follow brands on social networks say that if a brand that they follow posts a video online, they are at least somewhat likely to click on the link to watch it and learn more.
More than three fifths (63%) of US adults have browsed through online content while watching TV and more than a quarter (27%) have looked at online content that was related to the show that they were watching. That said, almost half (48%) say that the online content that they looked at was unrelated to the show they were watching.
The survey also reinforced the importance — and benefit — of creating content that offers value to consumers. Half of those who watch videos that their friends post online said that if they enjoy watching one, they usually share it with three or more of their friends.
Talent can play an important role as well. More than half (53%) of those who have a favourite celebrity said that if one of them announced that they were starring in or launching an online video or web series, they would check out an episode.
"Investing in online video is no longer optional. Consumers are hungry for online content and ready to take this journey with brands. And as the survey results show, today's viewer is not just passively sitting and watching — they're sharing, talking, clicking, testing," says Stephanie Sarofian, managing director of The Third Act, the brand content unit of Digitas. "Brand content has become an integral part of any successful marketing strategy. Whether you're thinking about mobile, social, b2b, or any facet of marketing, content is now at the heart of everything we do. There is immense opportunity, right now, for brands to engage consumers through content-marketing across all channels."