IPTV boost as fibre spreads across US

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 10-04-2012

Continued expansion of North American fibre to the home (FTTH) has seen the number of households connected directly into optical fibre networks grow by 13% as telcos of all sizes continue to upgrade to next-generation fibre to the home technologies.

According to the data released by the Fibre-to-the-Home Council Americas 900,000 households across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean were upgraded to FTTH service since April 2011, as the total number of North American homes with all-fibre connections surged past eight million. In the region FTTH is now being offered to 19.3 million homes on the continent, 95% of which are in the US.
Such expansion bodes well for the TV market as providers, such as Verizon and its FiOS service, take advantage of the added high bandwidth for more complex TV solutions. But there is also a more general benefit said Heather Burnett Gold, President of the FTTH Council Americas who said: "The notion that the upgrade to FTTH can be a catalyst for economic development is precisely what is driving this enormous interest in high-speed fibre we are seeing at the community level across North America…Civic leaders in communities of all sizes have a sense that more bandwidth means more opportunities for economic progress."