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Thread: RS-232 Connection

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    RS-232 Connection

    Dear Friends, I am having Micromax MM-2400 receiver and I want to know the pin connection between RS-232 of my receiver to PC. The cable I am having is directly coupled (Pin 1 to 1, upto 9 to 9). But this is not working with my PC when I connect my Receiver. So please help me with the correct pin connection. Also I would like to know how to enter the 32 digit TPS key on to my receiver. Now I am able to enter only one digit at a time and the channel opens and lasts for only five minutes whereas the TPS list I get through the net is too long and I dont know how to enter it on to my receiver. So please help me for the same. Thanks...Pankulu.

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    Re: RS-232 Connection

    same situation

    any body have the loder to download the key file to the reciever?

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